From 20 December this year, the First World War Museum in Medumi will be hosting the newly created exhibition “Christmas in the Trenches” by Juris Stikāns. This exhibition will be made up mostly of objects found in the Medumi area, suggesting that despite the war, soldiers celebrated Christmas here. Museum guide Miropija Petkune will talk about the traditions that were preserved and introduced while living in the trenches. Visitors will have the opportunity to watch a moving video about the famous Christmas Truce of 1914

The museum has a war post “office”, so everyone will have the opportunity to send a postcard from the front line. You can order the porridge made in the military field by prior arrangement and experience being a soldier while enjoying a “festive feast” in the trenches.

Museum events of this kind allow you to get closer to the historical context and experience the reality of wartime, recalling important events and people’s experiences at the time, as well as spending time with your family or friends.

The collection of Juris Stikāns is on display until 20 January 2024 at the First World War Museum in Medumi, located at Alejas iela 20, Medumi, Augšdaugava County
Opening hours (W., T., F., S. 12.00-17.00)
Ticket price: 3.50 EUR for adults, 1.40 EUR for children, seniors and persons with special needs
Tel. +371 26274123

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