Interreg V-A Latvia-Lithuania Cross Border Cooperation Programme Project No. LLI-501

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The exposition of the First World War in Medumi

The First World War has left its mark everywhere in Medumi, in Augsdaugava district. The most visible are reinforced concrete bunkers, traces of trenches. Local people constantly find evidences of one of the biggest wars in human history - parts of weapons, remains of shells, elements of uniforms, household items. Visitors of the Exposition Center in Medumi can not only look at historical artifacts, but also take on the role of a soldier. An imitation of a bunker and armor will be created in one of the exhibition halls - a fragment of a trench with a small hiding place, attributes of the battlefield, soldier mannequins. Much attention will be paid to audio and video equipment, which will allow you to feel the atmosphere of the battlefield.

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The exposition of the First World War in Turmantas

During the First World War, the Imperial German Army, with more than 40 thousand Germans, arrived to the Zarasai region and lived here for more than two years, created a unique defense system that remained even a hundred years later. These defensive fortifications were used during the War of Independence and even during World War II. In the rooms of the former Turmantas school, an innovative, modern museum of the First World War will be created with war exhibits and an exhibition complemented with by virtual reality. Through the use of new technologies and the integration of old artifacts, visitors of the museum will experience the spirit of the period.

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