Art object “Remember and do not repeat” opened in Medumi

The First World War Museum in Medumi unveiled the art installation “Remember and Do Not Repeat” on November 17.

Back on November 11, 1918, representatives from opposing sides signed a ceasefire pact in France. On November 11 of this year, Latvia, like the rest of the world, marks the 105th anniversary of the First World War. While the conflict resulted in numerous casualties, it also paved the way for Latvia’s independence. This year, on November 11, the museum invited everyone to contribute to an art project. Local enthusiasts played a pivotal role in creating an intriguing piece that captivates passersby.

During the opening ceremony, the individuals who aided in establishing the First World War Museum in Medumi were honored. Some generously donated to the museum, while others shared their invaluable historical knowledge. All these contributors received gratitude for their efforts.

Attendees at the event got a taste of wartime cuisine and had the chance to test their marksmanship.

This event stands as a commemoration of significant historical moments, preserving Latvia’s history post-First World War and supporting its cultural heritage.

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