Latvian journalists and tour operators explored the new tourism route

On March 3, Latvian journalists, tour operators and historians went to info tour to Augsdaugava County to get to know the new tourist route “World War I Heritage”.

During the Info-tour, the guests visited the First World War Museum in Medumi, which opened their doors to visitors on March 1st t and the First World War Museum in Turmantas (Lithuania), which will be opened on March 17th. The Stikans family’s private collection of local history was visited as well. During the tour, not only museums were visited, but also bunkers located in forests, as well as a bunker of German officers in Egypt, where the mode of life has been partially restored.

During the First World War, there was a line “Life and Death” in the territory of Latvia and Lithuania for several years. On both sides, a complex fortification system with trenches and bunkers was built. Thousands of soldiers fought here and fell in fierce battles, as evidenced by countless burials of fallen soldiers. In the forests of Demene, Svente and Medumu parish, there are many German soldiers’ concrete bunkers, impressive cannon and ammunition sheds, and endless trenches.

Info-tourer participants admitted that the new tourist route was very interesting, emotionally impressive. Such museums are needed for people to know that war is not entertainment, war is only damage, shattering human relationships, economics and culture. The war destroys everything a person creates.

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