The ranks of Zarasai – Aukšdaugavė region guides have filled up

During the implementation of the project “World War I Tourism Direction and Expositions for Attracting Visitors to the Border Region” (or “WWI ROUTE” for short, project No. LLI-501) 10 guides were prepared, which will contribute to the activities of the WWI ROUTE project and the popularization of the international route.

Ten guides, of which six are from Lithuania, four from Latvia, took advantage of the opportunity to obtain official guide certificates free of charge, undertaking to conduct tours in the region, presenting the heritage of the First World War on both sides of the border. In addition to the official training to obtain the guides’ certificates, military historians Tito Tamkvaitis and Valdas Rakutis were given a training model for the guides, which was related to the heritage of the First World War in the region.

You can get the contacts of the guides and other information for organizing excursions on the theme of World War I heritage at the Zarasai Tourism and Business Information Center

Zarasai tourism and business information center
Address: Sēlių a. 22, Zarasai, LT-32110
Phone: +370 682 40988, +370 62023114
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